Welcome to MATSYA

Born in the inspiration of royal living, we welcome you to MATSYA. Years of fine craftsmanship, richness in aesthetic and flamboyance in appeal come together to give birth to MATSYA. Made for the princess in disguise, royal humility at heart of a simple life lived in the strength of mind. From dreams of longing, we gift this story, to every girl, who was born to feel like a princess.

Our story is of only love-‐fusing art & fashion, with poetic magic. The brand was not to create intimidation, but to flourish in warmth. We don’t charge for our creativity, we simply charge for the finesse of product we deliver. It's is not simply a brand, it’s a journey. Get ready to become modern royalty.

Every girl has her story, one to be told in just the right way, that is MATSYA.