Matsya was born in 2014. The thought of Matsya was not that of a brand, it was story, a journey. I wanted to set on a journey to evolve a new lifestyle, a life that took the old & the new together. Royalty in its most minimalistic form, evolved for the urban life, simplicity beyond imagination. We wanted to create a taste in luxury that was accessible, that didn’t feel untouchable.A sort of grounded exquisite grandeur, a contrast of extremism in a very real form. I feel that every girl deserves to feels like a Princess, to be treated in that certain special way & our dream is to make that come true for every one who walks the journey with us.

The journey began with the “The Runaway Princess” at Samode, Jaipur as the Matsya lady found herself in self-discovery, relinquishing the ordinary as she found herself in the palatial brilliance of everything that is Royal.

Since then the Matsya Princess has conquered the desert in Jaisalmer in “Rise of the Queen,” created a symphony with nature in “The Empress of Dawn” & re-wrote her history at the Karauli Palace in “Memoirs of the Rajkumari” as many more chapters unfold. Matsya has also remained on a mission of revival. Our projects are not only aimed at aesthetic brilliance, but also to keep craft that if our, alive - and also pick up regional national crafts like Bengali Kantha, Lucknavi, Jaipuri Bandhej, Kutch Gharchola, Traditional Varanasi Handlooms & Patiala Phulkari in what we call “Tribute” projects to sustain this Heritage we have inherited.

"Welcome to Matsya. Thank you for your love, and for being with me on this beautiful journey."

- Utkarsh Ahuja

“The Storytellers”

To me this was a very special collection. Marrying the culture of Kutch with our translation of couture was a blissful journey. We experimented with pittan & patina baby mirrors stitched in zardozi with tarnished silver kochi zari. Velvets in rustic dull pastels, faded over time & in memories. Artwork inspired by heirlooms & objects like the Chandbali, an essential part of our culture & heritage, so simple yet so divine. Exploring history at the Piramal Haveli in Rajasthan, was a blissful experience, & I invite you to be a part of this phase of our journey.

“Noir e blanc”

2018 was another beautiful experiment for us. With our couture line we launched the “Noir E Balnc Limited Edition” A play on bamboo based natural fabrics with ivory on ivory Banarasi dupattas, adorned with fine dori & delicate appliqués inspired by Madhubani translation of the Matsya Avatar.

“Memoirs of the Rajkumari”

The Dawn of 2020 brought a new light for us, the creation of new aesthetic that was even more evolved & grounded, something that Matsya stood for. The Memoirs of the Rajkumari was a collection created in a thought of luxury living. For the first time we created Sarees with humbled resham ari with curiously delicate details that spoke in silence. The artwork was inspired by palatial & old work Rajasthani craft, in a rusted Chandi aesthetic reminiscing a new luxury, and a new vintage.