“As the dust settles, she enters. Stories of the palace over the hills give her character. Centuries in the making, defining the future of textiles & craft. Matsya, she reigns. “

Inspired by a potpurri of vintage crafts of Zardozi, hand appliqués & resham ari, “The Humble Tales of Alwar” is a reminiscent story of evolution. Balancing the scales of old & new, the collection binds craft with modernity in a vintage setting of the Matsya woman in her humble place, in a palace of grandeur over the hills of Alwar.

Old Rose, Faded Lavender, Pickle lemon & Kota Grey are colours that populate the collection. Bamboo based weavings & Chanderi Silks are used predominantly looking at the weather ahead & summer weddings. The Collection is breathable & simple.